Beli (Huniepop)

The Huniepop match-3 game-play is always fresh and fun. So much so that I actually am 'good' at match-3. I didn't know it had a skill scale in the first place, but after watching other people play I can tell you: it's as frustrating as looking at TotalBiscuit playing Puzzle plat-formers. For real though, I can't play the game without my trusty sidekicks Stuffed Penguin and Sunflower.

Beli is not my favourite girl. To sweet for me. I think she reminds me of one of those persons who just played Wii Fit too much and now call themselves a yoga instructors. But who knows, maybe she is a wine drinking, spiritual yoga addict. Whatever the case, she wears one of the most recognisable piece of clothing in a game where you need to get girls to take their clothes off to progress the Plot and the plot.

But for real, I can't wait for Huniepop 2 that kinda got announced not to long ago and got a date of 2018 slapped on it. On the developer twitter the dev said "Next hunie game is gonna make HP1 look like one of it's shit tier knockoffs.". I'm super exited to see what new features they have in mind.

But on the drawing. It took about seven hours to complete. The linework was drawin in Manga Studio 5.0 and the colours were done in Photoshop CS3.